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rF2 | May Development Roadmap Brings News Of Portland

Studio 397 have continued their current pacy output of news from the last few days, with the release of their latest monthly development roadmap update - and plenty of goodies it contains too...

The May Development Roadmap posting tells the tale of a few exceptionally busy weeks at Studio 397, thanks to the recent burst of esport activity involving the simulation, and of course not forgetting the recent array of content releases (here, hereand here) that have dropped over the course of the last few days. Nevertheless, Studio 397 remain undaunted and plan to carry on the updates, with news of a new build deployment in the works, the much awaiting Portland International Raceway (for free, too!) and a bonus update and fresh layout for Silverstone - amongst many other goodies...

The rFactor 2 May Development Roadmap in full

Last month we published a roadmap with a focus that was slightly different than most ones that came before it. We got some very diverse reactions to it, most of which were positive, and some thought we’d given up. The latter could not be further from the truth, but on a weekly basis our priorities have to be adjusted to adapt to the changing situation. In the weeks that followed, we could finally start announcing some of the things that were hinted at.

The new build, that both fixed some long standing issues as well as added a significant graphics update. The brand new Berlin and New York E-Prix tracks. Zandvoort in 2020 layout, the first simulation on the market to feature it. The announcement of the Radical SR3 XX, a launch that was coordinated with the real car by Radical Sportscars, earlier today. The Ferrari 488 GTE which needs no further introduction. And of course the announcement that we are hosting the together with the ACO and Motorsport Games, featuring probably some of the strongest drivers and manufacturers ever to be competing in a single event.

We supported various Formula E races, some not without controversy, and ran weekly All-Stars events featuring many of the fastest simracers, racing drivers and legends, such as Mario Andretti and Fernando Alonso. So, with all of those things happening, you would almost forget that there’s a lot more to come. So let’s take a look at what the month of June will likely bring.

First of all we will be updating our build and providing you with the long awaited customization instructions on our brand new overlays. We’re just wrapping up testing of this build, that will contain a few other fixes as well, so you can certainly expect that to be available in the upcoming week.

On the art side, June will see the release of Portland International Raceway. This has definitely been one of the longer projects within Studio 397, as we’ve halted and continued it a few times. It has done the track a lot of good as it ended up being our showcase for all the new lighting improvements we’ve been working on over the past year or so. This track will be released for free, and we hope you will all enjoy it.

We have a few more things we’re working on though. Those of you watching the All-Stars events will probably have noticed they were driving on a much improved version of Silverstone. In recent weeks we’ve taken this track, updated all the materials and also brought the track and its surroundings up to the 2020 layout. We’ve even added back one of the older layouts for you to enjoy. And finally of course, with the 24 hour race being run in two weeks from now, Le Mans will get some updates as well. Needless to say the track team has been quite busy, and we will be upgrading a few more tracks in the months to come.

Our car team has also been quite busy. The unannounced car we mentioned last month will remain like that for a little while longer. We have also upgraded a couple of older cars to our new materials, such as the Indycar. The current focus of the team is a final BOP for all the GTE cars at Le Mans. Once that is done, work will most likely start on a few more cars we’ve recently licensed, but are not yet ready to announce. Needless to say the Ferrari 488 in GT3 spec will be one of those.

On the development side, apart from the continued focus on both improvements to the graphics engine and its performance and general bug fixes, we are working on the UI and competition subsystems. You will most likely see updates to the broadcast overlays as well as a system to share customizations of these overlays via the workshop. Here too there is a lot of focus on the 24 hour event as our development team is supporting this huge project. We still have a long list of tasks ahead here and not everything we are working on is visible or announced yet so bear with us as we continue these developments.

Last but not least our esports and marketing team has obviously been very busy organizing events and supporting others. With our own GT series coming to a close, they are already looking ahead at the next season later this year.

All in all this has probably been our busiest month in our now almost four year history, and we’re very excited to learn what the next couple of months will bring as in some areas of the world the lock-down is slowly lifting while other areas are still in the middle of their struggle to ensure people are safe. Some of motorsport is restarting too, but many believe the world will never be the same. Given that the only constant is change, that’s probably not even a bad thing. At least we look at the bright side of things and try to seize the new opportunities this brings. Thank you all for making it to the end of this roadmap, and again, stay healthy and stay safe!

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Feb 11, 2014
Well done Marcel & co it's great to see a buzz of activity around rF2 and to know you guys are going strong on development. Also great to have more free content to balance out the paid stuff you're putting out.


Jul 6, 2019
e-Sports is doing a lot of good for rFactor 2.

Great news once again for rFactor 2. The guys keep working hard to update and improve the best Sim. A new build will bring graphics enhancements with new lighting effects which will make the
Sim look better than ever. Portland track will look great, more Ferraris... fantastic stuff. Keep them
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Jun 4, 2017
You guys kept on surprising us with your content releases, really impressive work especially during these times and combined with everything going on involving rf2. I wouldn't have been surprised if most content was postponed (maybe except Formula-E) given the number of e-sports events that are being organised.
Got the Radical and 488 and now all I need is some time and a few nice Racedepartment club races!

Dave Thayer

Mar 31, 2018
Great to hear about the new updates coming. I have a pretty good working Portland for Assetto Corsa. I shall see how the Rfactor2 version compares when it is released. Good Indycar track. Keep up the great work Studio 397.


Jun 26, 2011
Hats off to Studio 397 to quickly adjusting their plans to how the world has changed in the last couple of months. E-sport sim racing has become much more popular which probably led to the new Formula E tracks and helped getting the Ferrari deal, because of the upcoming virtual 24 hours of Le Mans. I am an offline racer, but enjoy watching some of these e-sports events as well. Looking forward to Portland with the latest graphical engine updates and updates of Silverstone and Le Mans. Also curious what new car licenses will be announced. Enough to look forward to.:)


Krzysztof Maj
Nov 5, 2011
Congrats to S397 for recent releases although for the price of recent DLC some might expect top quality. All-star e-sport events are indeed big success and opportunity for rF2, but I'm afraid it's largely wasted by poor UI and long standing issues. New UI (granted still in beta) doesn't bring expected functionality improvements (except very few ). It uses modern technologies and has more modern look, but until it's release ready I'm sticking to the old one.
What I'm missing in the road map is some mention about plans to fix long standing issues, that have been raised by many on various forums including the official one. Are they "forgotten"? How about announced proper drivetrain implementation? How about semi-decent clutch support?
Also I don't expect GTE BoP will fix one year old physics issues in some of them.

rF2 is still one of the sims I play the most, because for me it has best FFB, and tire model, but it just becomes frustrating.
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Jan 27, 2016
Nice looking roadmap!
Can we get a list of up to date content please? It seems like it's hit and miss (mostly miss) on what is using latest lightkng/materials. You state that you have updated a few cars then said like the Indy car, what else got updated? Then you said you will be updating a few tracks in the coming months, what tracks? And shouldn't you be updating all content? Not just a few?